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Quality, ecodesign, environmental and occupational health and safety policy
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 Quality, ecodesign, environmental and occupational health and safety policy

By means of this Integrated Policy, the Management of EREDU S.Coop. seeks to achieve complete customer satisfaction, by reconciling the development of its activities with environmental protection and to integrate into the development of its activity Occupational Health and Safety

This Policy provides a framework by which to set and review annual objectives, which are included in the Management Plan and are disseminated to the group by those persons responsible for the Processes.

To that end, the following general action plans are established:
 To obtain complete customer satisfaction though strict compliance of the contract requirements and supplying customers with suitable quality products to meet their needs.
 To implement environmental criteria that improves the product design so as to minimise as far as possible the extent of possible environmental impacts generated by the products throughout their life cycle. This is achieved by taking into account their environmental aspects from its design phase and avoiding the transfer of environmental impacts from one stage of its life cycle to another.
 To protect and improve Occupational Health and Safety, by improving working conditions and promoting the health of workers.
 To comply with all applicable environmental and occupational health and safety legislation and regulations applicable to all processes and products.
 To gradually reduce the use and production of pollutants as far as possible by using tried and tested technologies
 To foster its among members, employees and collaborators the spirit of respect towards the environment as well as the commitment to participate and cooperate in all measures that have been adopted in terms of environmental issues.
 To pay attention to any public or private initiatives which are proposed in the pursuit of improved environmental protection within the field of its activity and social environment.
 To keep the social environment informed regarding the core environmental issues related to its activity through informative actions and external communications
 To ensure the information, participation, training and consultation of staff, ensuring that the staff are aware of and understand the objectives and policies of the company, and formally undertake to treat all information received as confidential.

For EREDU S.Coop. Quality, respecting the Environment and the promotion of Occupational Health and Safety are key factors for the development of the company. In order to comply with these principles, the company undertakes to:

 Implement a Management System that is jointly planned and developed with the other Management functions.
 Integrate same into all levels of the organisation, setting objectives and targets consistent with this policy, defining the functions and responsibilities arising therein, which allows progress to its compliance taking into account principles such as continuous improvement, minimisation of environmental impacts and the prevention of occupational health and safety risks.
 Take on the great effort that is required in order to attain these objectives and not to hesitate in allocating the necessary resources and appropriate knowledge so as to ensure the implementation, maintenance and effectiveness of the Management System, in terms of a process of continuous improvement, in accordance with what has been established.


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